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Brewing yeast produced in Sweden by a team with more than 50 years of experience in yeast production, processing and packaging. Under stringent quality control measures, Apex Cultures® offers consistent and healthy fermentations for a wide variety of beer styles. Rigorous monitoring of yeast health and characterization of fermentation performance through all steps of production, and observation of essential chemical and microbiological contaminants measuring, allows the confidence of delivering excellent quality dry yeast to a brew house of any size.





Premium Brewer's Yeast



  • Over 50 years experience in yeast production
  • Consistent, healthy fermentations

APEX Cultures® Products

500 Gram Bricks



San Deigo



Voss Kveik

Hornindal Kveik

German Kolsch

Saison Calais

Belgian Abbey



Munich Lager

Mexican Lager

Berlin Lager




Special Sour

Hard Seltzer





Special Wheat



Premium Yeast Nutrients

Apex Cultures® Servo Pro-Z™ is a potent biomass activator enriched with minerals and yeast derivatives with the objective of participating as a cell accelerator, which adds to the yeast’s nutrition, both in bottom and top fermentation.

Apex Cultures® FermoPro™ is a premium nutrient formulated to optimize fermentation. Apex Cultures® FermoPro™ nutrient supplies yeast with essential elements needed to brew complex and superior beers.

Homebrew Sachets

Apex Cultures® has been an enormous success and one of the fastest growing yeast product lines in professional craft brewing since we launched the brand at the beginning of 2021. With hundreds of our brewery partners experiencing impressive results, we are extremely excited that Apex Cultures® is now available in 11.5g homebrew sachets.


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Contact Info:

LD Carlson Company

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P: 800.321.0315

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