LD Carlson Co. is proud to offer FermFast®, our in-house line of premium yeasts, enzymes, additives and accessories for crafting high alcohol spirits and liquors. Our high quality FermFast® yeast strains make the perfect choice for crafting anything from a high alcohol wash/base to your favorite vodka or rum recipe. Our premium enzymes will ensure that you get the most out of your fermentation, while our finings, carbons and additives will help you produce crystal clear, potable results that you’ll be happy to enjoy with friends and family.


Premium Yeast
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With six different yeasts to choose from FermFast® has you covered, no matter what your drink of choice.

Available Yeast Types: 48 Hour Turbo | 24 Hour Turbo | Fruit Turbo | Rum Turbo | Vodka Turbo | Whisky


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FermFast® offers a line of accessories to help with your spirit making.

Available Accessories: Copper Mesh 20 ft. Roll | Raschig Rings 1 oz. | Raschig Rings 1 lb.


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From fermentation aids to clarifiers FermFast® has what you need to ensure a good end result.

Available Additives: Alpha Amylase | Anti-Foam | Dual Fine | Dual Smooth | Glucoamylase | Liquid Activeated Carbon